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      6. my whose, Tim’s, your coat, here you are
      A: _____ coat is this? Is it ____?
      B: No. it’s not my coat. _____ coat is black. 
      A: Is this ____?
      B: Perhaps it is. Tim’s coat is while. 
      A: Is this your coat?
      B: Yes, it is. 
      A: ____. Catch!
      B: Thank you.
      7. color, nice, here it is, see 
      A: What ____ is your new car?
      B: It’s red. Come and ___ it. 
      A: Thank you
      B: Look! _________! 
      A: That’s a ___ car. 
      B: Thank you.
      8. English, cases, aren’t, tourists, we
      A: Are you American?
      B: No, we’re English. 
      A: Are your friends _____, too?
      B: No, they _________. They’re French..
      A: Are these your _____?
      B: No. Our cases are brown. 
      A: Are you tourists?
      B: Yes, _____ are.
      A: Are your friends ____, too? 
      B: Yes, they are.
      9. meet, jobs, hard-working, do, operators.
      A: Come and ____ our employees. This is Jim and this is Carrie. They’re very ____.
      B: What are their ____?
      A: They’re keyboard _____.
      B: How do you ____?
      10. all right, matter, thanks, tired, sit down, thirsty 
      A: What’s the ____, Maggie?
      B: I’m ____ and ____.
      A: ____ here. Are you all right now?
      B: No, I’m not. 
      A: Look! There is an ice ream man. Here you are!
      B: __________. This ice cream is nice. 
      A: Are you ____ now?
      B: Yes, I am. Thank you!
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